How to Add Your NSC-DB2 Video Doorbell to an H-Series NVR

This guide will walk you step-by-step through adding your NSC-DB2 video doorbell to an H-Series NVR. Click here to see how to add your NSC-DB2 to an R-Series NVR, or click here to see how to add it to Blue Iris.

Step 1. Ensure Your Doorbell's Firmware is Up to Date

In order to add your doorbell to an NVR, your doorbell must be upgraded to the most recent firmware build. To upgrade your firmware, click here to read our guide, "How to Upgrade Your NSC-DB2 Video Doorbell's Firmware."

Step 2. Find Your Doorbell's IP Address

If you upgraded your doorbell's firmware, you needed the IP address in order to add the device to the Batch Configuration tool. If you didn't need to upgrade your firmware, click here to read our guide, "How do I Find the IP Address of my NSC-DB2 Video Doorbell?"

Step 3. Log into your NVR's Web Interface and Navigate to "Camera Management"

Log into your H-Series NVR's web interface and navigate to the "Configuration" tab. Click "Camera Management" under the "System" menu.

Step 4. Click "Quick Add" and Select Your Doorbell's IP Address



Click "OK."

Step 5. Change Your Doorbell's Username and Password

Select your doorbell from your device list and click "Modify." Edit the username and password, then click "OK."

1 User Name: admin
2 Password/Confirm: Your doorbell's verification code*

*Your doorbell's verification code can be found on the back of your doorbell or on your Quick Start Guide.

Congrats! You now have access to your NSC-DB2 video doorbell directly from your H-Series NVR!

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