Adding an H-series Camera to a UNV NVR via Plug n Play


Our H-series cameras do not plug and play with Uniview NVRs, but there are rare occasions when they do happen to come online plugged directly into your UNV NVR.

Here are some tips to help you get your H-series camera working on a UNV NVR.

Scenario 1 - H-series Camera Doesn't Come Online When Plugged Into Uniview NVR:

In this case you will need to follow our instructions for adding your H-series camera covered in this guide.

If the camera shows "active" under status in SADP, that means the NVR already assigned it one of the passwords listed below.  Then you will manually assign it an IP on the internal network range of the UNV NVR (172.16.0.X), plug your H-series camera back into one of the camera ports on the back of the NVR,  and manually add the camera to a channel in the UNV NVR.

Scenario 2 - H-series Camera Does Come Online When Plugged Into Uniview NVR:

In the case that your H-series camera does come up with plug and play, the UNV NVR will assign it a password that is different from any other passwords that UNV assigns its own cameras. 

Please keep in mind that these passwords are case sensitive:


  • If your UNV NVR is running a newer firmware (2019 and newer) the password will be: Ipc123456
  • If your UNV NVR is running an older firmware (2018 and older) the password will be: Uniview666 or Admin123


Scenario 3 - You Are Unable To Log Directly Into The Camera:

A password reset will be needed, Follow this guide to perform the reset.

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