How to make H-Series cameras work on other brand NVRs

H-series cameras have the capability of being added to 3rd party recorders if they support the ONVIF protocol. There are a few steps you have to do with the H-series camera beforehand however. This guide shows what to do.

Step 1. Install and Run The Batch Config Tool

You can Download the Batch Config Tool Here

Once running, You should see the list of H-series devices that are on the same network as the PC.

Step 2. Add Your Device

Now, you will want to check mark the device you want and click on the +Add Icon.
The Tool will prompt for the device's password, once entered, click OK.
Then you should see your device populate in the upper section of the Tool.

Step 3. Enabling ONVIF

  1. With the Device added, check mark it on the upper section.
  2. Next, click on More -> Configure Network Protocol -> ONVIF
  3. Check mark Enable ONVIF as well as Add User and create an Administrator User with the same credentials as your device login.
  4. Click OK

Step 4. Disable Illegal Login Lock

From the Batch Config Tool, click on the Cogwheel next to the device added on the top portion of the tool.

Select the System Tab, then Login Security.

Uncheck Access Lock, and click Save


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