Wiring an H-Series IP Security Camera to a PoE Switch

ALWAYS BENCH TEST BEFORE INSTALLING! It is highly recommended that you temporarily wire your system in a controlled environment before you install your cameras in their permanent location. Once you have confirmed that you have the basic setup complete, then you can proceed to installation.

This wiring guide shows you how to wire your H-Series IP camera to a PoE switch separate from an NVR. If you are wiring your camera to an NVR-integrated PoE switch, click here. If you are wiring your camera to a non-PoE switch or directly to a router, click here.

Set Up Your Switch

Power your PoE switch. Connect it to your router and your computer with Ethernet cables.

Connect your camera to the PoE switch with an Ethernet cable.

Hikvision IP Camera Wiring Guide

If you are installing more than one camera, please only plug in and configure one camera at a time. Do not plug in all cameras at once. Once you get one camera configured, then you can plug in the next one for configuration.

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