How to Install Your NSC-DB2 Video Doorbell (Mechanical Chime)

This article walks you step-by-step through installing and wiring your NSC-DB2 video doorbell with a mechanical chime. If your doorbell is already installed, click here to read our NSC-DB2 setup guides.

If you're not going to be using a mechanical chime, check out our guide on setting up your doorbell with no chime.

Gather Your Materials

Your NSC-DB2 comes with pretty much everything you need for your installation. Reference the list below to learn about each component that comes included in your box.

NSC-DB2 Unboxed

  1. Three Colored Faceplates to easily blend your doorbell into your home's aesthetic.
  2. The NSC-DB2 3MP Video Doorbell
  3. A Drill Bit for perfectly sized holes
  4. Four wire connectors that you'll use to connect the new doorbell to your current doorbell's wiring
  5. Two U-Shaped wires to screw into the back of your video doorbell
  6. A Power Kit which you'll add to your current chime
  7. A wire harness which you'll use to connect the power kit to your chime
  8. A level which clicks right into the mounting plates for a quick and accurate installation
  9. A fuse wire which you won't be using, since you're using a mechanical chime.
  10. A two-sided screwdriver which you'll use on your Phillips head screws and the security screws which will secure your doorbell's faceplate
  11. Three wedge mounting plates so you can decide which configuration works for you; also included, but not seen in the picture, is a foam sticker for stabilizing the mounting plate on a rough wall
  12. Mounting hardware for installing the mounting plate into the wall at your front door; also included, but not seen in the picture, is the mounting hardware used for fixing the wires into your doorbell, screwing your doorbell onto the mounting plate, and securing the faceplate onto the doorbell.

Additional tools you may need

  • A Drill
  • A Pencil

Remove Your Old Doorbell

Note: Before you do anything, make sure you turn off the breaker which supplies power to your doorbell and chime.

Remove your old doorbell by unscrewing it from the wall and disconnecting the two wires. Be sure to hold onto these wires, because you'll connect these to your new video doorbell.

Attach Your Mounting Plate to the Wall

Decide which mounting plate works best for your door and insert the level into the center of the mounting plate. Line up the mounting plate on your wall and determine the best location. It should be about 4 feet (1.2 meters) above the ground. Once your mounting plate is level, place two marks in the holes for the drill points.

Using the included drill bit, drill holes into the wall about 1 to 1.2 inches deep.

(OPTIONAL) If the wall is rough, you can attach the foam piece to the back of the mounting plate for a sturdier installation.

Insert the anchors into the wall, remove the level from the mounting plate, and fix the mounting plate to the wall using the two mounting screws.

Mount Your Doorbell

Remove the faceplate on your doorbell by pulling up from the bottom. Using the fixing screws, attach the two U-shaped wires to the back of your doorbell. Using the included wire connectors, connect the two wires from your previous doorbell to the pre-stripped ends of the U-shaped wires. At this point, it doesn't matter which wire goes where. One wire runs to your mechanical chime while the other wire runs to your transformer.

Attach the U-Shaped wires to the back of your doorbell.

Fix the doorbell into your mounting plate using the two doorbell screws. Leave the faceplate off of your doorbell for now.

Install Your Power Kit

Before turning the power back on, you must first install the power kit onto your chime. To do this, find your chime and remove your cover. Mechanical chimes are all pretty standard, so with the cover removed it should look like this.


Remove the existing wires from the "TRANS" and "FRONT" terminals on your chime. Again, hold onto these wires, and remember which wire went where. We'll need them to install our power kit.

Take your wire harness and connect it to your power kit. The harness has two wires, each with two ends. Insert the large end of the black wire into the "FRONT" terminal and the large end of the white wire into the "TRANS" terminal. 

Using the included wire connectors, connect the original "FRONT" wire to the remaining end of the black wire. Then connect the original "TRANS" wire with the remaining end of the white wire.

If that sounds confusing, reference the simple wiring guide below.

Power Kit Wiring Guide

Activate Your Doorbell

Restore power to your doorbell by turning the breaker back on. Your doorbell's status light should light up red and then start flashing blue. At this point, you'll use your mobile phone to activate your doorbell and connect it to your network. Click here to read our guide for activating your doorbell.

Once your doorbell is activated, press the desired faceplate into place. Using the included screwdriver, fix the faceplate into place by screwing the security screws into the bottom of the faceplate.

Congratulations! You've completed the installation for your NSC-DB2!

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