How To Configure Basic Deterrent Functionality

Certain R-series cameras have Built-in Deterrent Functions. This is great for if you want an Event-based Strobe or Flood Light action to trigger.

In this guide, we are referencing the Web Interface to the M5T-NC.

Please Note

In order for the deterrent functionality to be available, the camera must be in Day/Night Mode in its Image Settings.


Configuring Deterrence Setting

First, you must enable the Deterrent capabilities in the camera but going to Device Settings -> Event -> Setup -> Deterrence

  • Light - Enables the Deterrent Light
  • Duration - Sets the amount of time the deterrent function will be enabled for once triggered
  • Color Image - The Camera will switch from Black&White to Color in order to get a quality image on the Event Trigger.
  • Deterrence Mode:
    • Light Warning - White LED will be solid for the duration set
    • Light Strobe - White LED will strobe for the duration & frequency set
  • Sensitivity - From 1 to 8, with 8 Being the highest sensitivity and 1 being the lowest

Linking Deterrent to AI Event

Go into Device Settings -> AI -> Motion

Select the specific event you want the deterrence light to be triggered by, then enable Deterrent.

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