Adding Blank UNV Camera To UNV Retail NVR via Plug n Play

In scenarios where a Blank UNV camera is paired with a UNV Retail NVR, these will be plug n play. However, you may not get the full functionality of the Blank UNV Camera right away.

In this guide, we will show you the steps needed to allow the full functionality of the Blank UNV Camera.

Connecting The Camera

Since the Blank UNV cameras are plug n play with UNV Retail NVRs, the camera will come online if it is connected directly to the integrated POE switch of the NVR.


Camera Configuration via NVR

One thing you may notice however, the camera will show added with the ONVIF protocol. This can be very limiting as ONVIF only guarantees a live view and 24/7 recording.

If you go into the Smart Event section of the NVR while the camera is added via ONVIF, you will notice that none are available:

To accommodate for this, Go to Setup -> Camera -> Cameras. Checkmark the Camera, select Modify, change the Add Mode to IP Address, then change the Protocol to Uniview. Save.

Now that the camera is talking via the Uniview protocol, the Smart Events are now available!

Please Note

Not all UNV cameras support Smart Events, be sure to verify what events the camera supports beforehand! If you are unsure what events a camera may support, feel free to contact our Support or check the camera's spec sheet.

Also Note

This guide will work along with UNV Retail Cameras and UNV Blank NVRs. Just the protocol will be changed to Private instead of Uniview on the Blank NVR.

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