How To Add R-Series Camera To UNV NVR Via Custom Protocol

Using Custom Protocol pulls the RTSP Stream of the camera.
This is a great alternative in case ONVIF does not play well between your UNV NVR and R-Series Camera.
We will be referencing the web interface of a UNV NVR in this guide.

Please Note

You will not be able to adjust any of the camera settings from the NVR if you have the camera added via Custom Protocol.

Accessing NVR Camera Setup

From your NVR's Live View, go into Setup -> Camera -> Camera.

Select the channel you would like to have the R-Series camera on, and select Modify.

Configuring Custom Protocol

After you select Modify on the channel you want the camera to be on, change the protocol to Custom and click the Protocol Icon.

For R-series, the RTSP URL is as follows - rtsp:// [IPADDRESS] : [RTSP PORT] / ch [CH] / [STREAM TYPE]

The channel is going to be “ch01". “Stream Type” is going to be 0 for main stream or 1 for sub stream.

Your finished product with all the information entered should look something like this:

Afterwards, Hit Save and the camera status should come up as online if inputted properly!

Once the cam is showing as Online, you will then be able to go over to Live View and watch your newly added camera!

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