How To Setup Multicast Addressing

Multicast can be used to pull up live view when the number of connecting Web clients exceeds the limit the NVR can accommodate.

1. Click System -> Network -> Multicast.

2. 2. Select the check box to enable multicast, and then enter the multicast IP and port number.


3. Click Apply to save the settings.

4. Log in to the Web client and set Live View Protocol to Multicast under Setup -> Client.


Set the multicast IP correctly. Multicast address is class D address with the range through


- can be used on the Internet.
· only for use on LAN.
· all-hosts group address, which refers to all the multicast-capable hosts and routers on a physical network.
· for all routers on this subnet.
· for all OSPF routers.
· for all PIMv2 routers.
· are for private use like 192.168.x.x.

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