How To Adjust Resolution, Frame Rate, Bit Rate, and Video Compression

Adjusting the resolution, frame rate, bit rate, and compression of recorded footage can be done by navigating to the Encoding Tab.

Navigation: Setup > Camera > Encoding


    • Navigate to the Encoding tab.
    • Select which Camera to configure.
    • Storage Mode: Select which stream to use for storing footage. By default, the mainstream is used for storage.
    • Capture Mode: The options here are the presets you can use if preferred.
    • Main/Sub/Third Stream: These sections allow greater configuration of each stream.
      • Stream Type: Select your preferred stream type.
        • Normal: main stream that is intended for scheduled recording.
        • Event: main stream that is intended for recording triggered by events such as alarm inputs or motion detection alarms.
      • Video Compression: Select your preferred video compression standard. The listed options depend on the standards supported by the camera:
        • H.264
        • H.264+
        • H.265
        • H.265+
      • Resolution: Select your preferred resolution for the selected stream.
      • Bit Rate Type: Select your preferred bit rate type.
        • CBR: Constant Bit Rate is used to maintain a specific bit rate by varying the quality of video streams. It is preferred when limited bandwidth is available. The disadvantage is that video quality will vary and may decrease significantly with increased motion in the scene.
        • VBR: When using Variable Bit Rate, video quality is kept as constant as possible, at the cost of a varying bit rate, and regardless of whether or not there is motion in the image. It is ideal when high quality is a requirement, especially when there is motion in the picture.
      • Image Quality: This parameter is effective only when Bitrate Type is
        set to VBR. 9 levels are provided.
      • Bit Rate (Kbps): Select your preferred number of bits transferred per second. Select a value or select Custom and then set a value as needed.
      • Range: Select the bit rate range. Currently the range is fixed.
      • Frame Rate (fps): Select the number of frames per second.
      • I Frame Interval: Number of frames between two adjacent I frames.
      • I Frame Range: Range of I frames. Currently the range is fixed.
      • Smoothing: Use the slider to control the sudden increase of bit
      • Audio Stream: Enable or disable audio stream.
      • Smart Encoding: The advanced mode achieves higher compression ratios.
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