Accessing Cameras On PoE

Accessing Cameras On The Built-In PoE

Sometimes it is necessary to access a camera directly in a computer web browser in order to modify a setting, update firmware, or troubleshoot a problem. With most manufacturers, when using a built in PoE switch this can become a very big hassle and waste a lot of time. It would normally involve hooking a PC directly into the PoE switch and networking the computer by hand to match the built in PoE gateway. With Uniview all that hassle and trouble are in the past. Uniview NVRs allow for direct access to the camera from within the NVR, by using the NVR as a host to access the camera's web page with the click of a button.

Accessing the Cameras

  1. Open the recorder’s webpage in Internet Explorer by navigating to the local IP address of the recorder.
  2. Login to the recorder, the default login is Username: admin and Password: 123456
  3. After logging into the recorder, close the change password popup if it appears and then navigate to the setup/setting menu
  4. Once in the settings, navigate to the Camera menu on the left hand side of the screen.
  5. Then navigate to the IP Camera sub menu inside the Camera menu
  6. A list of all the camera that are connected to the recorder will be displayed
  7. Locate the camera that you need access to in the list and look all the way to the right hand side of its listing
  8. Click on the Access button that is listed for that camera.




Next the camera will open in a new tab. This will work for cameras that are on the local network or cameras that are on a built in PoE.

Once the camera login loads, login to the camera with the default login of Username: admin and Password: admin

At this point after logging in the camera should be fully accessible and any changes, firmware updates, information, or troubleshooting that needs to be configured can be. Since you are logging into the camera directly, even though  it is through the recorder, the computer has a direct network link to the camera allowing for greater access to settings than  just on the recorder. This also allows for more stable and reliable firmware updates, with a better success rate. When updating the firmware of the camera this way, the computer is uploading the firmware file to the camera directly without using the NVR as a middle point.

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