How to set Edge Storage & Cache Post Recording

Edge storage is used to save video data and snapshots to the memory card directly. Edge storage is recommended when the camera is running in stand-alone mode. When the camera is managed by the central management server, you need to stop edge storage to avoid affecting the cache post recording service.

Note: Before setting, check following:

  • The memory card is correctly installed on the camera.
  • Backup resource has been added on the central server.
  • Backup resources have been allocated for the camera.

Note: Only some certain models support these functions. Please see the actual model for details.
Note: This function and management page may vary with models. Please see the actual Web interface for details.

Edge Storage - Manual storage

  1. Click Setup > Storage > Storage.mceclip0.png
  2. Start edge storage and modify the settings as required. The following table describes some major parameters.
  3. Click Save
Parameter Description
Storage Medium Storage resource type.
To format the memory card, disable the storage function for the card first. Then Click Format and then click OK to confirm the operation. The system will restart when the format is completed.

Information about the total and free space is displayed.
Data Overwrite Policy Overwrite: If there is no free space in the memory card, new data will overwrite the existing data repeatedly.

Stop: If there is no free space in the memory card, new data will not be saved to the memory card.
Post-Record(s) For alarm-triggered recording, the length of time that recording continues after the end of the alarm.

Edge Storage - Planned storage

If planned storage is enabled, the camera records video to the memory card during the specified periods.

  1. Click Setup > Storage > Storage.
  2. Select Planned Storage, and then set the periods during which the camera records video to the memory card.
  3. Click Save.


-Planned storage is not effective when manual storage and planned storage are both enabled

Cache Post Recording

A camera under centralized management can use the memory card as a backup storage resource of the central management server. If storage from the camera to the central storage device is interrupted due to unstable network connection, the camera automatically will start cache post recording and store videos to the memory card.
With recording backup enabled, the camera can automatically transfer the video stored in the memory card to a storage resource of the backup server in the form of a file when the communication between the camera and the backup server is restored.

  1. Click Setup > Storage > Storage.


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