How To Add DB2 to Synology Surveillance Station "SSS"

Having NAS Storage is a great solution for most IP cameras! The NSC-DB2 is compatible with SSS with its most current firmware.

This guide is not to show how to get SSS up and running. It's simply to show how to add the DB2.
We are using Surveillance Station 8.2.

First, click on the IP Camera Icon, then Add Camera

Select Quick Setup

Now input the DB2 information. You can find the IP address using the SADP Tool.
The password of the DB2 is the 6 letter verification code that you can find on the instruction manual or on the backside of the DB2 itself. Example -> ABCDEF

Then Click Next after inputting the information.
Another page will appear, simply click Finish.

Now you should see your DB2 added, with a snapshot of the live view.

However, if you click on play, you'll get a gray image.

To fix this, Right click on the DB2 listed and select Edit.

Select the Device Settings Tab on the left -> Advanced -> Streaming Info Source -> RTSP to Streaming -> Save

Now when you go to play the DB2, you should get your live view

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