Updating Firmware Via Cloud

Uniview offers firmware updating via the cloud server. Cloud updating can provide the newest features and better functionality to on site devices, without ever having to worry about getting the correct firmware file or having to call technical support.

In this guide, we will be going over the multiple different ways of upgrading the firmware for your device.

Method 1. Updating From The NVR

  1. Log into the Main Menu of the recorder.
  2. Navigate to Camera > Camera > Advanced
  3. Click on the By Cloud button for each camera that needs to be upgraded. Each camera can also be selected by clicking on its check box and then clicking the By Cloud icon to the right.

Method 2. Updating From The NVR Web Interface

  1.  Load the recorders IP address in Internet Explorer. Login to the recorder once the login page is
  2. Navigate to the Settings menu and then to Camera in the left hand menu and then to IP Camera in the sub menu.
  3. Navigate to the Advanced settings tab
  4. In the list of cameras find the cameras that need to be upgraded and click the Upgrade By Cloud Button

  5. The cameras status list will then display downloading followed by uploading % and then finished off with upgrading. After it is done upgrading the camera will reboot.


Method 3. Upgrading From Camera Web Interface

  1. Find the local IP address of the camera and navigate to the IP address in Internet Explorer
  2. Login to the camera and navigate to Setup > Maintenance > Maintenance
  3. Locate the Cloud Upgrade Detect button and click it
  4. The camera will feed back A New Version Detected for Upgrade
  5. Then click the Cloud Upgrade button again

  6. The camera web interface will then show a camera is updating overlay.

Method 4. Updating From EZTools

  1. Open the EZTools Program
    • You can Download That here
  2. Select the Upgrade Tab on the Left side
  3. Click on the Online Upgrade Tab
  4. Checkmark the Device you would like to upgrade
  5. Click on the Upgrade button on the bottom right corner
  6. Once online upgrade is clicked the EZTools will search automatically for newer firmware for the
    selected devices. The EZTools will then give you a popup showing the current device firmware
    and the newest available device firmware. Check off each device that you want to upgrade on
    the left hand side and click the OK button at the bottom.

  7. The status of the device in the main list of devices will then read updating
  8. After the update is done the device status will say Upgrade Succeeded, the device will then
    restart and be up to date

Method 5. Updating From EZView App

  1. Open the EZView app and navigate to the main menu in the upper left hand corner of the app.
  2. Select the Devices tab. The device that has a red circle next to it shows that an update is available for the recorder or the cameras.
  3. Assuming that the device has already been added to the app (if not add the device) click on the
    device and select the P2P Upgrade button.
  4. In the next menu select all of the devices that have the red circles next to them indicating that
    they need to be firmware updated
  5. Click on the Start Upgrade button at the bottom of the screen. The update will take about 5-10 min depending on how many devices and internet speed.
  6. After giving the recorder enough time check back to the app to see if all of the red circles are gone. If they are this will let you know that all selected devices upgraded correctly.
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