Adding & adjusting H-series NVR with iVMS-4200

List of needed materials:

  1. Computer
  2. Recorder
  3. iVMS-4200
  4. SADP

You can download iVMS-4200 and SADP from the links below.


iVMS-4200 -

Once you have downloaded the iVMS-4200 software you can go ahead and start installing it. Once you get to the screen below if you have our H-series LPR camera. You will want to check the Data Retrieval and Statistics. Otherwise just click install.


Once you get to this page you are creating a username and password for the iVMS-4200 software. I would suggest making it the same as the username and password to the NVR. If you do not want to log into the software every time that you start it just check the Auto-Login box then click login.


Once you have logged into the iVMS-4200 software there are two tabs that you will be using the most. That is the Device Management tab and the Main View tab. Once you click on one name it will take you to that tab. Then just click on the 4 boxes in the upper left hand corner to go back to the control panel and select the other tab.


Then we will want to go the the Maintenance and Management tab and click the add button. Which will bring up the add section shown below. We will input all of the information for our NVR or camera here. We will select our adding method which will be IP/Domain if you will always be on loaction with the cameras and connected to the same network that they are on. Or you can select Cloud P2P if you are trying to view them remotely. We have a more in-depth guide on the Cloud P2P method linked below.


If you have trouble finding any of your H-series devices on our network. You will want to run the SADP tool to be able to find them. This will give you all of the information to be able to add the H-series device into the iVMS-4200 software.


You can manage the settings for your NVR or camera once you have it added to the software. To do this you simply click on the cog symbol under the operations section. If you do not see the cog symbol either minimize one of the other fields. Like serial number or use the scroll bar at the bottom of the Maintenance and Management tab to scroll to the right.


Once you click on the cog symbol you will see the window shown below. This window will give you about the same level of control as being logged directly into your device.


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