How To View Remotely Through Cloud Via EZStation

EZStation is a CMS for Uniview products to allow the user to allow  viewing and configuring.

Please Note

You must have a cloud account created and your device added beforehand

Step 1. Install and Run EZStation

Download the EZStation Program here

Upon initial bootup, you may get prompted to create a login. This is for the EZStation Program exclusively. Typically we'll recommend setting the same login as your NVR.

Once Running, You should get a Main Screen:

Step 2. Log Into Your Cloud Account

First, Go into the Device Management section.

Next, Select Cloud Device on the left side, then Login.

A popup box will appear to input your cloud login info. Once entered, Click Login

A Load screen will appear, then you should be logged in.
Now your linked devices will be listed under My Cloud Device 

Step 3. Viewing Your Device

Now that we are logged in, we should be able to view whatever devices are on the linked account

First, go back to the Control Panel Tab, Then select the Live View Section

From here, Double click on your device on the left side and any cameras linked will appear


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