No Video Output

The main reason a monitor would not work on a recorder is the output resolution of the recorder is too high or too low for the monitor to display. Example: The recorder could be set to 1920 x 1080 (1080P) but the monitor may only support 1024 x 720 (720P).

In this case the recorder display resolution will need to be lowered. This can be done a couple different

Method 1.

Log into the recorder via the network using an Internet Explorer browser. Navigate to the setup and then to the display settings. Adjust  the resolution for the output that you are using (VGA or HDMI)

After Clicking Save, the Recorder will reboot and will output the new resolution!

Method 2.

Attach a mouse to the recorder in any of the USB ports. Press and hold down mouse 3 (Scroll
wheel) for 20 seconds then let go. The resolution of the recorder will reset to 1280 x 1024 and should
work on most monitors.

Method 3.

Double check the HDMI cables and VGA cables and make sure everything is connected on both
sides and that the monitor is on the correct source channel. Try a different monitor if this does not

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