How to Wire and Setup Your R-Series DVR

In this guide, we'll walk you through the initial steps to set up and wire your R-Series DVR. 

Wiring and Initial Setup


If you connected your DVR to an HD-TV, you will see the following message after booting up:

R-Series NVR Setup How-To

Click OK to have your DVR's output resolution optimized.

If you click OK, and the overall image has improved, click OK again to save the settings. However, if the image has been degraded, click Cancel to revert back to the original quality.


Tip: You can manually adjust the NVR output by logging in and navigating to: Setup > System > General > Output Configuration

Be sure to adjust the output to your HDTV's resolution capabilities.

To Login, Click anywhere on the screen, then click the bottom left-hand icon, then setup.

Default password is: admin789

R-Series NVR Setup How-To

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