How To Find and Input Encryption Key (Verification Code)

If you have Stream Encryption enabled on your device, trying to view the Live View may require an extra step by inputting the encryption key for the Web Interface, IVMS-4200 software, and the Guarding Vision app.

Attached Monitor

The first place you can find the Encryption Key is from the attached monitor.
There are two different interfaces for their respective firmwares. 3.0(older) & 4.0(newer).

3.0 Interface:

Main Menu -> Configuration -> Network -> Platform Access -> Verification Code2020-04-01_1523.png

4.0 Interface:

Home -> System -> Network -> Advanced -> Platform Access -> Verification Code2020-04-01_1526.png

Web Interface

When Selecting Play from the web interface, you may get an Invalid Encryption Key message at the bottom right corner


To fix this, Go into the Configuration Tab at the top, then Network -> Advanced Settings -> Platform Access.

Click on the Eyelash icon to reveal your Encryption Key.


Now take this Key and go into the Local Tab on the left side.

Paste the Key in the Encryption Key section and click Save.


 Now go back into Live View and the cams will play!



When pulling up your recorder on IVMS-4200, you may get prompted to input your Encryption Key.


If you do not know this key you can find it by going into the Maintenance and Management section

Then Device tab on the left and click on the Cogwheel icon next to your device and select Basic Settings


Now a popup will appear and it will look similar to the web interface.

Network -> Advanced Settings -> Platform Access.

Click on the Eyelash icon to reveal your Encryption Key


Now you can go back into the Live View on IVMS-4200 and put in that code in and the Live View will appear.


Guarding Vision

When pulling up the Live View from the Guarding Vision app, you may come across Lock Icons over the Panels. Click on one and you will be prompted to input the Verification Code. 


After putting the code in, hit OK, then the live view on the cams will appear, you may have to click on the other Lock Icons to bring them up.


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