How To Enable Event App Alerts For H-series NVR's

App alerts are great if you would like to be notified when an event gets triggered.

Step 1. Creating an Event and Enabling App Linkage

In this guide, we will show how to create a simple motion event from both the HDMI Interface and the Web Interface. Simply scroll down til you see the interface you are using.

HDMI Interface 3.0 & 4.0


  • From the Live View, Right click with your mouse and select Menu from the drop down.
  • You may get prompted to login, please do so.2020-04-01_1138.png
  • Now select the Camera Icon2020-04-01_1141.png
  • Then Click on the Motion Tab
  • Select the camera you are wanting to use, we are using Channel 1 in this guide.
  • Check Mark the Enable Motion Detection box and select Apply2020-04-01_1143.png
  • Now that the Event is enabled, we need to let the NVR know that we want app alerts.
  • From the same motion section, click on the Cogwheel Icon Next to Settings2020-04-01_1146.png
  • Then select the Linkage Method tab and check mark Notify Surveillance Center. Click Apply, and OK.2020-04-01_1148.png


  •  From the Live View, click on the Home Icon at the top left corner, then select the System Tab.2020-04-01_1157.png
  • Click on the Event Tab on the left side, and in this guide, we are using basic Motion Detection
  • Choose your camera, and check mark the Enable box, then Apply2020-04-01_1200.png
  • Now that we have the Event enabled, we need to let the NVR know that it needs to send app alerts.
  • From the same Motion section, select the Tab Linkage Action and enable Notify Surveillance Center
  • Click Apply2020-04-01_1204.png

Web Interface

  • Once you are signed into the web interface of the NVR, select the Configuration Tab at the top, then Event and Basic Event Tab on the Left Side
  • Next, select your Camera, check mark Enable Motion Detection, then click Save at the bottom2020-04-01_1315.png
  • Now that we have the Event enabled, we need to let the NVR know that it needs to send app alerts.
  • From the same Motion Section, Select Linkage Method, and Check mark Notify Surveillance Center, then click on Save.2020-04-01_1322.png

Step 2. Enabling The Notifications From Guarding Vision

Please note, we are adding the NVR using the cloud P2P process.

  • From the Device List, swipe the NVR to the left to reveal a cogwheel icon


  • Select Notification, then Enable.


You can create a notification schedule if you'd like, but if you keep it disabled, then you will receive alerts whenever an Event is triggered for the camera's that have alerts turned on.

Now your phone will receive a push notification you can view all Notifications from the Notification Tab on the app.


If the notifications don't work right away, do not worry, they sometimes take can a short while to push to the phone. (Usually its the smart events that don't go through instantly, if any)


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