No Video Output

H-series Recorders are set to auto detect the output its connected to. So either HDMI or VGA. It also tries to auto detect the resolution of display your Monitor supports.

Sometimes this doesn't always work and your monitor is stuck showing No Signal.

Step 1. Log Into NVR's Web Interface

You will need the NVR and a PC connected to the same local network to access this.

Once logged in, go into the Configuration Tab at the top, then System -> System Settings -> Menu Output.

In our example, this NVR is connected to a 1080p monitor using the HDMI output.

As you can see, the NVR is output a really low resolution since it cannot auto detect.


In our case, we will change the Menu Output to HDMI/VGA and the Resolution to 1920/1080/60HZ.

Then Click Save.

The NVR will then Reboot.


After the NVR has rebooted, it should start displaying properly on your monitor once the corrected adjustments have been made!

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