How to adjust the LED floodlight settings on your Nitecolor camera

This guide will show you how to log into the Nitecolor camera and make adjustments to the integrated floodlight.

Used in this guide:

1. NSC-NITECOLOR-BT1 v5.6.2 190701

2. Windows 10 PC


If the camera is connected to the back of a H-Series NVR you will first need to enable Virtual Host in the NVR otherwise the web interface of the camera will not be easily accessible.   This guide will show you how to enable it: Virtual Host


1. Once you're logged into the cameras web interface first go to Configuration then System -> System Settings on the left.   Now on the top right click the tab labeled External Device



2. Each of the settings on this page will impact the floodlight function as explained below:

Enable Supplement Light: Enable or Disable the floodlight

LED Brightness Adjustment: (Manual or Auto) Manual allows manual adjustment of the brightness of the light.  Auto will automatically adjust the brightness of the light depending on the available surrounding light.  (Depending on which is selected the setting below will change accordingly)

LED Brightness (Manual) / LED Max Brightness (Auto): Use the slider to adjust either the overall brightness of the light if Manual is selected or the maximum brightness the light will achieve when Auto is selected.

LED On: (Timing or Auto) When Timing is selected you have the ability to set a Start and End time to turn the light on and off.   When Auto is selected the camera will automatically turn on and off the light depending on the amount of available light. (Depending on which is selected the setting below will change accordingly)

Start Time & End Time (Timing) / Filtering Time & Sensitivity (Auto): Start time and End time can be set for the time of day the light should turn on and off, respectively.  Filtering Time is how long the camera will wait to switch the light on and off, default is 5 seconds (This setting will help prevent the camera from turning the light on/off if there is a sudden change in light that's not constant).  Sensitivity is how sensitive the camera will be to changes in light, default is 4. (More sensitive means the camera will turn on the light when there is only slightly less light available)




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