H-Series Recommended Settings

In this Guide, we will show the basic recommended settings that will help the viewing performance of your H-series Device.

Please note, this is all done from the Web Interface of the device.

Step 1. Enable Auto Start Live View & Set Substream

Setting Auto Start will allow the cameras to come on as soon as the Live View page is pulled up.
Setting Sub-Stream will allow the cameras to get pulled up much quicker.

Step 2. Set The Time Zone

Server Address: pool.ntp.org
NTP Port: 123
Interval: 60

Step 3. Set The DNS Servers

Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

Step 4. Disable NAT

UPnP basically tries to auto-port forward your router. This can open up holes in your local network without you knowing. We usually recommend disabling this.


Step 5. Enabling Platform Access

Enable Platform Access if you are using the Cloud P2P method of remote viewing.
If you are port forwarding, then this can be disabled.

Step 6. Enabling Virtual Host

Enable Virtual Host. This is extremely useful when needing to log into the IP cameras individually.

Step 7. Enable ONVIF

With Newer recorder Firmware, it is required to enable ONVIF if you are adding this NVR to a system with 3rd party-ONVIF compliant cameras.
Create a new user with the same login credentials as the admin account to keep it simple.


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