Adding a camera on a TVI DVR to an H-Series NVR using the web interface

This guide will show you how to easily add a camera channel from an H-Series TVI DVR to an available channel on an H-Series NVR.


  1. H-Series DVR with a camera connected
  2. H-Series NVR with an unoccupied channel
  3. Computer


Before you begin you will need to get the IP address of the NVR, DVR and the camera number you want to add to the NVR (Ex. Camera 1, 2, 3, 4, etc).  You can find the IP address of both recorders by installing and running the SADP Tool.  In the example below we'll be adding channel 1 from the DVR to the NVR.


1. Access the web interface of the NVR by typing it's IP address into a browser.   After logging in click Configuration at the top, then go to System->Camera Management->IP Camera Tab.



2. Once on the camera management page you will see a list of channel numbers (D1, D2, D3, etc) and their corresponding IP addresses.  Select the unused channel you want to use by clicking on it.  Next click the Modify button at the top.  On the window that comes up change it from "Plug and Play" to "Manual".



3. Fill in each field on the window as listed below:

IP Camera Address: Your DVR IP address

Protocol: IPCAM or Hikvision

Management Port: 8000 (Unless the server port was changed on the DVR, if so use that instead)

Channel No.: The channel number you want to pull from the DVR.  For example, if you want to add camera 2 from the DVR then input the number 2. 

User name: admin

Password: Password to log into your DVR

Confirm: Password to log into your DVR

Transfer Protocol: Auto

Adding Method: Manual

4. Lastly, click OK.  You should see the status change to "Offline(Connecting)".   After a few seconds Refresh the page (F5 on the keyboard).  The status should now say "Online".  

To confirm it added successfully go back to Live View and click the camera icon on the left.  You should now have a live view of the camera added to the DVR on your NVR.



This guide explained adding the camera assuming both the DVR and NVR are on the same Local Area Network (LAN).  If the DVR and NVR are at different locations this method will still work but requires the DVR server port (usually 8000) to be port forwarded.  After that's done replace the IP address with the Public IP address of the location with the DVR.  Pulling in a camera from a remote location can consume a lot of bandwidth so it's highly recommended to not do this unless there's an above average upload speed at the DVR location (10mbps+).

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