How To Manually Add An H-series NVR To Your Cloud P2P Account Via Web Browser

In this Guide, we will show you how to add your H-series NVR to your P2P account through a web interface.

Step 1. Enable Hik-Connect

First, Run the latest version of the SADP Tool on a PC that is on the same Network or Router as the NVR.
Then, find your NVR and checkmark it on the far left side.

Next, Checkmark Enable DHCP and Enable Hik-Connect on the Top Right Corner and input the Admin Password and Modify

You may get prompted to input a verification code. If so, then we recommend making this the same as the NVR password, just to keep everything uniform.

After clicking Modify, you will get a save succeeded message.

Please Note

If you are having trouble adding the device even though Hik-connect is enabled, setting the DNS servers to the cloudflare DNS servers will be needed. You can do this by logging into the NVRs web interface.


Preferred DNS Server -
Alternate DNS Server -

Step 2. Creating a Hik-Connect Account

First, go to "" and create an account.
After creating, sign into the account and you should get this screen with no devices added

Please Note

If you already have a could account, you can skip to Step 3.


Step 3. Adding The Device

Now that Hik-Connect is enabled on the NVR and a Hik-Connect account has been created, we can now add the NVR to the account.

First, find the 9-digit serial number for the NVR via SADP Tool.
You will checkmark your NVR and on the far right where it says "Device Serial No.", click and drag til you see a string of 9 numbers or it can also be a single letter at first, then 8 letters after.

In our example, the Full Serial number is "NSN-604(4K)-4P0420180329CCRRC12884329WCVU", and the 9 digits that we need is "C12884329". You can typically find the 9 digits in between 2 pairs of letters.

Now take the 9 digits and from that and go into the cloud account that was created and click Add on the top right corner, paste the serial number and click Search.
Your NVR will appear, and click the + icon to add.
Next, it will prompt for a Verification Code, we set this in Step 1, and click Add.
You will get an Added Confirmation popup, then click OK.


Your device has now been added! You can now login to the Guarding Vision app or IVMS-4200 Software with the cloud account and you'll see the NVR listed and view any cameras that are on it.



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