How to share a device using the Guarding Vision app

This guide will show you how to share a device with another person using the Guarding Vision app. 

Why would I want to share my device?

  • To give access to someone but not share your personal log in information with them
  • To give access but restrict certain features such as playback, viewable cameras, audio and more

What are the different methods to share a device?

Using an Email Address or Phone Number.

1. Open the Guarding Vision App on your phone then click More in the lower right.  Next select Manage Sharing Settings.



2. On the Manage Sharing Settings page click the Red Plus button then type in the email address or phone number you would like to share the device with.  Next Click the option below that says Add Recipient: [email/phone number].  On the next screen click the check mark in the upper right to save that contact.  Now click Next at the bottom to go to the devices you want to share with that contact.



3. On the Sharing Details page you can click your device to go into specific features you want to share such as Remote Playback, Alarm, Two-Way Audio, and more.  If you want to give the contact access to all the features available select the box labeled All Permissions.

Features Available for sharing

The features available are device specific so if certain features are not listed that means they aren't available on the device you are sharing.

Once done click Finish at the bottom.



Your device is now shared with another contact.


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