Viewing an RTSP Stream Remotely

To set up an RTSP stream to be accessed outside of your local network, a few more steps are required compared to viewing locally.

Step 1. Port Forwarding

First you will need to port forward the RTSP port in your router to your camera's IP address.

For H-Series IP cameras, the default RTSP port is set to 554.

To do this you will need to access your router's administration page and locate the port forwarding section.

Since there are many different routers out there, you can find most Router Port Forwarding Guides Here

Step 2. Finding Your Public IP Address

Now that we have the RTSP port forwarded we will need to get the Public IP Address of our network that way we can connect from an outside source.

To find out what your network's Public IP Address is, ensure that your device is on the same network as the computer that you are viewing right now.

Click Here to find your public IP address

Now that you have your port forwarded and have the Public IP address, all you need to do to view the stream from outside your network is insert that IP address into the URL and then insert the URL into your application (VLC Player) just as we did before.

Example: rtsp://admin:1234567a@

Please Note

In some cases, it's possible that your Internet Service Provider will block port 554 from being used. If this is the case for you, we recommend changing the RTSP port to 10554. To do this, please follow the steps below:

Login to your camera's web interface.

Proceed to Configuration > Basic Configuration > Network > Port

Change the RTSP Port to 10554 and click save.


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