How to play and save recordings using the Guarding Vision app

This guide will explain how to playback and save video using the Guarding Vision app

1. First click on the playback.png icon in the upper left corner of Guarding Vision to go to Playback.

On the playback screen you will see Playback Date, Playback Time, and My Device.  The app defaults to the current day for Playback Date and Playback Time defaults to the beginning of the current day at 00:00 which is 12am.

2. If needed, change the Playback Date and Playback Time to when you would like it to start playback.

3. Lastly click on the device at the bottom and select from 1 to 4 cameras maximum for playback.  Once you have your cameras selected click the Start Playback button at the bottom to begin playback.



Navigation, Saving Pictures/Videos, and Digital Zoom

Below are a few different tips which are essential for playing back recordings efficiently and will ultimately save time.

Fast Forward, Rewind, and Zoom

1. The timeline at the bottom can be dragged left or right to fast forward or rewind the recorded video.

2. Use two fingers to "pinch" the timeline to zoom in or out. This allows for a more accurate time selection.

3. Use two fingers to pinch zoom in/out on the video at the top.  Keep in mind this is digital zoom so if it's zoomed in to far the picture will get pixelated.  Higher megapixel cameras will have better quality overall which will be less pixelated when using digital zoom.



Icons under the timeline explained (scroll left or right to navigate)

Pause.png  Pause playback for the selected camera

snapshot.png  Take a snapshot that will be saved to the phone under Settings->Pictures and Videos

record.png  Click once to record video directly to your phone, click again to stop recording.  

Windows_Split.png  View four playback windows at the same time.  Click again to view one playback window.

Digital_Zoom.png  Click three times to digitally zoom in on the video.   You can move the zoomed video around by holding down on it and moving in the direction needed.

Audio.png  Listen to audio for cameras that have a built in or external microphone


How to play back up to four cameras simultaneously

1. When viewing a single camera on playback click the icon with four boxes to switch it to a 4 window view.  

2. You will see the first camera added to the upper left box.  Click the plus button in the middle of each additional box to add up to four cameras to playback.



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