Upgrading Firmware Via HDMI Interface on H-Series NVR

Upgrading the Firmware can provide Security and Performance improvements as well as adding features.

Step 1. Finding The Current Firmware on your Device

First, we will need to know the model and firmware version of the recorder. You can do this in a couple of ways.

In this Example, We are using the NSN-608(4K)-8P. 

Please Note

on H-series Products, you may come across the OEM Model number. If this is the case, please lookup either your order number or feel free to reach out to us.

Looking at the sticker on the product box or on the camera itself:


Via SADP Tool:


Step 2. Checking For Newer Firmware

Go to NellysSecurity.com

Go to the product page of your camera and scroll down until you see "Downloads". Then "Firmware".



It is recommended to "Step Up" the firmware on your recorder.

For our NSN-608(4K)-8P, it currently has firmware V3.4.101 / Build 11/02/2018.
The available firmwares are V4.1.64 - 03/05/2019 & V4.21.005 - 07/03/2019.

The Upgrade path would be 3.4.101 -> 4.1.64 -> 4.21.005


 Step 3. Loading The USB Drive

Once You have Downloaded the needed firmware, the Next Step is to put them on a USB Flash Drive

First, connect your Drive to a computer

Then open up its file location and Drag the Folders with the Digicap File in them over to the Flash Drive

Step 4. Uploading The Firmware To The Recorder

The H-series Recorders have 2 Different HDMI interfaces (3.0 & 4.0). We will go over both in this guide. Simply scroll down til you see the interface that yours has.

Firstly, insert the Flash Drive into the NVR's USB port

3.0 Interface

 From the Live View on the recorder, Right click and select Menu

From the Menu, Select Maintenance.

Select the Upgrade tab on the left and then click through the file paths to find the Digicap file

After finding the file, select it, then click Upgrade

You will then get a prompt. select Yes

 Afterwards, a progress bar will appear

 Once the update is complete, a reboot prompt will appear.

 And after the recorder reboots, it will have the new firmware!

4.0 Interface

 From the Live View screen, click on the Home / Menu icon at the top left corner

 Then select the Maintenance tab

Then go to the Local Upgrade tab and find your Digicap file

Select the Digicap file, then click Upgrade. You will then see a prompt, click Yes.

 Then a progress bar will appear.

After the upload is complete, the recorder will reboot with the new firmware installed.


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