Accessing The Web Interface of an H-series Camera

Accessing the web interface of a camera is a great way to adjust and configure it from a PC.

Step 1. Finding The IP Address

Firstly, you will need to find the IP address of the Camera. The best way to do this is to use the SADP Tool.

You can download that tool Here

With the SADP Tool Running, find your camera and locate it's IP address in the same row.



Please Note

If your camera firmware version is 5.5.82 or above it will work in Chrome and Firefox.  If it is below 5.5.82 you will have to use Internet Explorer (not the Edge browser, the icon looks similar to IE, it will not work).

Step 2. Accessing The Web Interface

First open Chrome, Firefox, or IE. next type the cameras IP address into the address bar at the top to go to the cameras log in page.  Type your username and password to log in.


For cameras with firmware version 5.5.82 and above using Chrome/Firefox: If you only see the options Live View and Configuration across the top you will need to install the plugin located in the the upper right corner.   Once the plugin is installed refresh the page, if everything went through correctly you will now see Live View, Playback, Picture, and Configuration across the top.


An alternate way of accessing the interface is double clicking on the IP from the SADP Tool. It will open up the web browser and go to the camera directly.


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