How to Reset an H-series IP Camera Password

Method 1. Reset Button

Most H-series cams have reset buttons. This will default the camera however.

Once located, follow this process:

  1. While cam is powered on, press and hold button for 30 seconds
  2. Disconnect power and continue pressing button for 30 seconds
  3. Reconnect power and press button for another 30 seconds
  4. Let go of button
  5. The camera should show up as inactive on the SADP Tool now. From there you can set a password and IP information.

Method 2. Reset Tool

If defaulting the camera isn’t an option, no reset button available, or the camera is not accessible, then the next steps will be needed.

  1. Download the SADP Tool
  2. Verify the firmware version
  3. If the firmware version is before 5.4.4, then a Nelly's tech can teamviewer into that PC and use a reset tool to reset the password.

Phone - 855-340-9999
Email - 

Method 3. SADP Tool Reset File

If the firmware is 5.4.5 or newer, then you will need to extract the file via SADP Tool.

Select the device, by checking the checkbox to its left, and press the Forgot Password option on the bottom-right corner of the user interface.


A pop-up window containing instructions will appear.


Press the EXPORT button to export the password reset key.


After pressing the EXPORT button, a new SELECT FOLDER window will appear. For ease of use, select DESKTOP as the export directory and click on the Select Folder button on the bottom.


After locating the reset file on the desktop, email it to

Please allow an hour to receive a reply during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM CST). If the email was sent outside of normal business hours, the reply will be sent on the next business day.

The reply from the technical support team will contain a reset file or key, generally called ENCRYPT (the file may have an altered name, if files for multiple devices are being sent). Upon receiving the reset file download it to the DESKTOP (for ease of access).

Please note, the reset file is good for 4 calendar days, and during those days the device for which the reset file has been generated cannot be rebooted or powered down.

To finalize the reset procedure, the Reset file or Key will need to be "imported" into the device, along with a new password (remember, there is no default password to reset to).


 To "import" the reset file, click on the button with a FOLDER ICON.


A new OPEN window will appear. Select DESKTOP as an import directory and select the reset file and click on the OPEN button.


Type the new password into the NEW PASSWORD field, then confirms the password by re-typing the password into the CONFIRM PASSWORD field. Press CONFIRM.

 After Confirming, you'll get a Success Message and you'll be all set!


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