Setting Up a H-series WIFI Camera

Step 1. Use a WIFI Supported Camera

The following are WIFI supported cameras that Nelly's carries at the time of writing this guide:

Step 2. Provide a Power Source.

Since our wifi cams aren’t battery powered. You will need some sort of power supply.

Step 3. Connect the power supply to the wifi camera.

In this guide, We will be using the NSC-245W-C.


After a minute, the camera should click on and the front LED will flash blue and red.


Step 4. Download and Open The Guarding Vision App

Download from the Google Play Store Download from the App Store

Once downloaded and installed, open the app and create a cloud account.

Step 5. Wifi Camera Setup

The first screen you'll see is the Devices list. It’ll be empty if this is your first device.




Select the + Icon in the top right corner and choose “Scan QR Code”




Scan the QR code on the camera physically




After the Code is scanned, you’ll get a new screen showing your devices serial number. Click Next




Select “Camera Wireless” for the Device Type




You will be prompted to make sure your device is powered on, check “The device is started” and hit Next”



Select “The device indicator flashes red and blue”




Now, input your wifi information. Please note, you must be on a 2.4G wifi band. The camera does not support 5G. afterwards, hit next.




You will then get a prompt that the camera is trying to connect to the wifi


  • If this fails, Keep hitting retry. It should eventually connect. If not, try getting closer to your router.


When the camera successfully connects, you’ll then set a password for the camera




After setting the password, you will then go through getting the camera up for remote viewing




After hitting Next, you will be prompted to set a verification code. It is recommended to make it the same as the camera password you set earlier, just to keep things easy.




You have now successfully gotten the camera sat up for remote viewing!




Now you can edit the camera name from the app.




Depending on if your camera has audio built in or not, you will get prompted if you want it enabled or not




After you hit Finish, you’ll go back to the original Device list and now you should see your camera added!




If you click on the camera, you’ll get a little popup in the bottom corner. Just click on that popup to get a full view.



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