Creating a Guarding Vision Account and Adding a DVR / NVR

Step 1. Download and Open The Guarding Vision App

Download from the Google Play Store Download from the App Store

Step 2. Guarding Vision Setup

Upon first startup of the app, choose "USA" for region.
Now you should be at the home screen with two icons displayed "Login" and "Add". 
Since we will be setting the camera up for remote access click the login button.


On the login screen click the Register link in the lower left under the password field.  Now you'll be able to register two different ways; with a phone number or with an email address.  In this guide we'll be registering by email.  Next, click the Register by email link at the bottom of the page.

Type in your email address and click Get Security Code. After a short time (usually a few minutes maximum) you will get emailed a code. Type the code in the field and click Next.  Lastly, type in a password for your Guarding Vision account then click Finish.


Note: The process to register an account using a phone number is essentially the same except you get a text with the code instead of an email.

Step 3. Manually Adding a Recorder Using the Serial Number

Log into your recorders web interface. Go to Configuration->System->System Settings and you will see system information on the right side.   Find the Serial No. field and write down the last 9 numbers (sometimes 8 numbers starting with 1 letter)in the serial which is the last 9 before "WCVU".

Note: The serial can also be found on the sticker on the recorder box or on the bottom of the recorder.


Once you have the serial number open up the Guarding Vision app, log in if you aren't already, then click the plus button in the upper right corner.  Select Manual Adding, type in the serial number then click the Floppy Disk Icon in the upper right. 

It will search for a second and then show you the model number of your recorder with an Add button. Click Add. Next you will be prompted for the verification code.  Type in the verification code you created when activating Guarding Vision on the recorder.  Continue through the prompts ending at the home page with your device added.

Lastly, click on the name of the DVR and a preview will open in the lower right corner.  Click on it to view your recorder.


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