How To Unbind an H-Series Device From a Cloud Account

In this guide, we'll show you how to unbind an H-Series device from your cloud account.

Step 1. Open the  SADP Tool

 If you do not have the SADP Tool, you can download it here.

Step 2. Unbind Your Device

Checkmark the device that you want to unbind and select “Unbind” at the top.

If you do not see that option, you will need to install the latest version of the SADP Tool (see above link for latest version).


Step 3. Login to Your Device

Enter your device's login information. Please note, this will be your device login, not your cloud account login.


Then you should get a “Unbind Succeeded” Messagemceclip2.png

If you get an error or are unable to unbind this way, do not fear, there is another solution below!

Removing a device using the Guarding Vision app

You can use the Guarding Vision app to easily remove a device added to another account, follow the steps below for removal.

Things you will need:

A phone connected wirelessly to the same router as the device that needs to be removed.


This process will not work if the phone and device are connected to different routers/networks!

1.   After attempting to add a device using the app the message below is shown stating that it's added to another account.  At the bottom of the screen there's an Unbind Button, tap it.



2. On the next screen you will be prompted for a username, password, and a CAPTCHA code.  Insert each one as explained below:

Username: admin (This will always be admin, no exceptions)

Password: Input the password you use to log into the device directly (NOT the verification code)

CAPTCHA Code: Shown on the right of this field and usually contains a combination of uppercase letters and numbers.  (Click the refresh icon to generate another code if needed)



3. Click the Finish button and it will take you back to the home page with a message saying the device has been unbound from the account.   Now you can successfully add it to the account you are logged into by clicking the + icon in the upper right.








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