How to Enable Guarding Vision

Guarding Vision is a free service that makes remotely viewing your device easy and generally doesn't require any router changes or port forwarding.

If you didn't enable Hik-Connect/Guarding Vision during the activation of the camera these next few steps will explain how to get it enabled.

Step 1. Log Into Your Camera's Interface

First open SADP then double-click on the recorder's IP address or manually type the IP address of your recorder in a web browser, once you get to the login page go ahead and log in.

Step 2. Edit DNS Settings

Once Logged in, go to Configuration > Network > Basic Network. Make sure the Preferred and Alternate DNS servers at the bottom are the following:




Step 3. Enable Platform Access

Now go to Advanced Network > Platform Access

Select the Enable box and click Ok on the window that pops up. Next, create a verification code in the Stream Encryption/Encryption Key field at the bottom, we highly recommend making this the same as the password on your recorder.


Step 4. Save Your Settings

Lastly, click save. Next refresh the page, as long as everything is correct it should now say Online.

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