How to Activate Your NSC-DB2 Video Doorbell (Guarding Vision)

In this guide, we will walk you through activating and setting up your NSC-DB2 video doorbell using the Guarding Vision mobile application. By the end of this short guide, your video doorbell will be fully activated and ready to go.

Verify that Your Doorbell is Ready For Activation

Before moving to your phone, check that your doorbell is properly installed. This guide assumes that your video doorbell is installed and wired to your chime and transformer. Make sure your LED status light is blinking blue before continuing. If your doorbell is not yet installed, click here to check out our installation guides. If your doorbell is already installed but the status light is solid blue or red, you'll need to reset your device. To reset your device, press down on the white reset button (above the doorbell button under the faceplate) until you hear the following vocal feedback:

Reset successfully.


The status light will turn red as the doorbell reboots. Do not proceed until the light flashes blue and the doorbell says:

Please use app for device Wi-Fi configuration."

Once your device is flashing blue, you may begin the setup process.

Download the Guarding Vision Application

The Guarding Vision mobile application is available for both Android and Apple devices. You'll need this application to activate your video doorbell.

google-download.png apple-download.png

Add Your Doorbell to Your Device List

Once you've downloaded Guarding Vision, launch the app and either create a cloud account or sign into an existing account. Tap the blue plus (+) icon to add a new device. This will bring up your phone's camera, which you'll use to scan the QR code on the doorbell. The QR code is located on the doorbell button underneath the faceplate. Click "Add" and then "Next."

Add your doorbell to your cloud account's device list.

(Apple Devices Only) Select Your Doorbell Model

If you're using an Apple device to activate your doorbell, you'll have to tell the app which camera model you're setting up. Click the "Doorbell" group and then select the "Doorbell 1" option.

Additional step for Apple users

Connect Your Doorbell to the Network

At this point in the setup, the app just wants to confirm that your status light is flashing blue. This means the device's access point is turned on. We've already taken care of this, so go ahead and click "Next" to complete the setup process.

In order to connect your doorbell to the network, your phone will need to momentarily connect to your doorbell's access point. Click "OK" on the note that pops up and then ensure that your network credentials are correct. Click "Next" and then "Connect to a Network." Your phone's operating system will then prompt you to connect to your doorbell's Wi-Fi access point.

Connect your phone to your doorbell's access point.

Note: Your phone will connect to and disconnect from your home network and your doorbell's access point at various points as it connects the doorbell to your network. You may receive several network push notifications during this process.

As your doorbell connects to the network, you'll hear the following audible messages:

Wi-Fi connected.
Platform registration successful.
Configuration complete.

Click "Finish" to complete your doorbell's activation. Here you have the option to rename your doorbell to something more descriptive than the default model number.

Complete your doorbell's activation.

(Optional) Setup Wizard

Once your doorbell is connected to the network, it is activated. The app will then walk you through a short setup wizard to configure some important settings. You can always click "Skip" in the top right-hand corner if you'd rather come back to these settings at a later point.

  1. Device Audio: The first option you have is to turn on the device audio. If you skip this screen, your doorbell's microphone will be muted until you change this in the settings.
  2. Chime Type: Here is where you will tell the app what kind of chime you're using with your doorbell. You have three choices: mechanical, electronic, or not installed. If you skip this screen, the doorbell will not work with your chime until you change this in the settings.
  3. Alarm Area: Here is where you can adjust your doorbell's PIR motion detection sensitivity. If you skip this section, the PIR alarm will be fully activated until you dial down the sensitivity in the settings.

Setup Wizard

Congrats! Your doorbell is now activated and connected to the network.

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