How to Enable Alarm Notifications

In this guide, we will show you how to enable push notifications on your mobile device using the EZVIZ application. There are two types of notifications that you can get from your NSC-DB2. You can receive push notifications when the PIR (passive infrared) motion detection alarm is tripped and when someone actually presses your doorbell. If you want to receive both types of notifications, be sure to follow these steps.


PIR Alarm Notifications

By default, alarm notifications are turned off. This means you won't receieve any notifications when the PIR alarm is tripped. This isn't ideal, as you probably want to take advantage of this camera's awesome PIR abilities. To turn on notifications, go into your camera setttings and click "Alarm Notification." Toggle the "Alarm Notification" setting to enabled.

Now that your notifications are enabled, you'll receive PIR notifications on your phone anytime the alarm is tripped, 24/7. If you'd rather only receive notifications within a certain time frame, you can also set up a notification schedule.

Before you head back to the main menu, you might also want to check out "Notification sound mode." If it's set to "soft" or "intense," the doorbell will physically beep when it detects motion. If you don't want your doorbell to beep at everyone who walks up to your door, be sure to set this to mute.


Doorbell Alarm Notifications

Note: This section only applies to Android users.

If you want your phone to notify you anytime someone rings your doorbell, you need to make sure this notification setting is enabled. To do that, click on the "more" icon at the bottom right-hand side of the screen, then click "function settings." In this menu, make sure the "Message Push Notification" setting is enabled. Finally, ensure that the "Auto-receive Alarm after Power-Up" option is enabled. And that's it! You should now receive notifications anytime someone rings your doorbell.

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