How To Remotely Trigger Local Relay On Indoor Monitor

In this example, we will be using a C319 with a lock wired into Relay A, and a C315 to trigger the relay remotely.

Step One: Discover and Login to Device

First, Reference this guide, then proceed to Step 2.

How To Find And Access Akuvox Devices

Step Two: Configure C319

Log in to the C319's web portal, go to Device -> Relay. Enable Remote Control function, and
enable Open Relay via HTTP, configure the username, password, and the IP of C315.




Step Three: Configure C315

Log in to C315's web portal, and go to Phone -> Relay to configure the http command. The IP address you configure here is the IP of C319. The option 'DoorNum' you should only select 1 which corresponds to relay A.




Step Four: Configure Softkeys

For any option available that you would like to be able to trigger the relay remotely, choose the Remote Relay HTTP1 option that you configured in step 3.




You will now be able to trigger the Relay A of the C319 remotely via any Softkey option selected in step four.




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