How To Configure AI Deterrent Capabilities

Certain R-Series Camera Models support deterrent functionality. Such as a Strobe Light, or Siren. These features can be triggered via AI Event which is configured in the camera via Camviewer Pro VMS Software, or it's web interface via web browser.

In this guide, we will be referencing the Web Interface of camera model "M8T-DT".

Step 1 - Disabling "Smart" Basic Motion Detection

At the time of writing this guide, these cameras require that you disable the basic, grid-based motion detection first before being able to enable the AI Events for the Deterrent Capability.

If "Smart" Basic Motion is not disabled, You will get a "Failed" message when trying to enable an AI Event.

From the Live View of the Camera, select Remote Setting -> Event -> Setup -> Motion

Then either disable Motion altogether or just the "Smart Motion Detection".

After the toggle has been set to Off, click Save.

Step 2 - Setting Up AI Event

The camera in reference to this guide only has 2 AI Events: LCD (Line Cross Detection) & PID (Perimeter Intrusion Detection). We will be setting up Line Crossing.

From the Live View, select Remote Setting -> AI -> Setup -> LCD

Then select Enable. Afterwards, you'll be able to click on the Live View window to the Right side to draw your line. 

Once all the parameters have been set to your liking, hit Save.

Step 3 - Configuring Deterrence Actions

Now that an AI event has been enabled, we can configure the deterrent functions.

First, lets enable the Light and/or Siren depending on your requirements.

From the Live View of the Camera, select Remote Setting -> Event -> Setup -> Deterrence.

Depending on what "Image Setting" Mode the camera is configured to, there will be different Light options available.

  • Light - Visible White Flood Light
    • Duration - Seconds
    • Deterrence Mode:
      • Light Warning - Solid Flood Light
      • Light Strobe - Strobe
        • Strobe Frequency will be how fast the light strobes.
  • Warning Light - Red & Blue Lights
    • Duration - Seconds

Once the Deterrence Light settings have been configured, hit Save.

To access the Siren Settings, Go to Remote Setting -> Event -> Setup -> Custom Voice.

There is only 1 pre-configured Alarm sound to choose. So all that is needed to be done is enabling, choosing the loudness, and duration, then select Save

Step 4 - Enabling Deterrent Linkage To AI Event

Now that the AI event, and the deterrent features are configured, lets link them together!

Go to Remote Setting -> AI -> Alarm -> LCD

Then set the toggle icon to ON for whichever Feature you would like to use per the Event Trigger.

Light(s) - Deterrent
Siren - Custom Voice

Next, Select the Schedule Icon and ensure the Light & Sirens are set to the proper scheduling.

After the toggles and scheduling are set, hit Save

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