How To Add IP Camera To R-Series DVR

Certain models of DVR are considered "Hybrid". Which means that not only can they accept Analog cameras, but also IP cameras that are on the same local network.

In this guide, we are going over how to add an R-Series IP camera to an R-Series DVR over the same local network. The same concept for adding a 3rd party ONVIF IP camera will be similar. Just the ONVIF protocol & port 80 will be used compared to the standard Private protocol & Port 7050/9000 for an R-Series IP camera.

Step 1 - Gathering IP Camera Information

Before an IP camera can be added to the R-Series DVR, you must firstly find out the IP and Port information of the camera. Since we are using an R-Series IP camera in this guide, The Device Config Tool will be the piece of software to find out that information.

In the picture below, we can see the IP Address and Media port to the PTZ we are adding to the DVR:

Note that information down, along with the username and password to the camera.

Step 2 - Navigating R-Series DVR

Now that we have the IP Address to the Camera we want to add to the DVR, the next step is to log into the DVR and assign the camera to a channel.

This guide will be referencing the web interface to the DVR via web browser. You will go to Remote Setting -> Channel -> IP Channels.

Step 3 - Adding The IP Camera

In the IP Channels tab, click on the "+" icon under the "CON." column. 

A popup box will appear asking for the IP Address, Port, Protocol and login.

In this example, the R-Series Camera information has been inputted from above:

After the IP Camera information has been inputted, Click OK.

The camera will then be added to the channel list on the DVR! The IP Camera may show as offline for a minute while it is establishing a connection to the DVR. Clicking the Refresh button can help give a visual on when it comes online. Or watching the live feed! The status icon will appear blue once the camera is online:


And from the live view page, the camera feed should show up under the IP CH1 channel:


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